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Custom scalable solution

Sometimes you need the power and resources of your own server. For privacy, compliance, performance, multiple domains and the ability to customise your server policies choose Private Cloud. You’ll also benefit from priority phone and ticket support in case of an emergency.

Providing dedicated disk space, flexible configurations and more customisable functionality, your private cloud will be a redundant, fully-featured, fully managed environment built on a custom configured lean and extremely stable 64bit Linux CentOS Server, enhanced with our advanced spam filtering,server-side anti-virus, and full administration access.

Your Private Cloud includes support for 256bit SSL encryption, fully managed firewall and back-ups with a 30-day retention policy, making it the ideal choice for businesses where adherence to compliance standards is critical.


Full control

  • 300GB disk space (Upgrade Anytime)
  • Dedicated VMWare server with V-Motion failover
  • Full administration access
  • Free unlimited aliases, groups, and public folders
  • Add mailboxes and upgrade anytime

Complete compliance

  • Server segmentation
  • 256bit SSL encryption support
  • Fully managed backup w/ 30 day retention
  • Patch and full server maintenance
  • Advanced AV/Spam filter
  • Managed Firewall and Security
  • ActiveSync for all users