Kerio Fuels Big Mountain’s Growth

Back in 2005, Big Mountain was a boutique website design business focused on helping small businesses. As is true with all smart entrepreneurs, Big Mountain’s owner, Jon Clayton stayed sensitive to his client’s needs. He quickly saw that they also needed web hosting and email services. Rather than let them get help elsewhere, he decided to expand his company’s services.

Big Mountain started out using 4D’s Webstar suite (a bundled web server, FTP, DNS, IMAP email, etc.). But they quickly discovered there were limited options available for a webmail client that provided the functionality and reliability their clients demanded.

Fortunately around that time, Kerio bought 4D’s Webstar product and Clayton discovered Kerio Connect. It was exactly what he wanted to offer. He says, “Kerio’s sales team was so helpful — we got a 100-user license to get us started. Since then we’ve taken off and haven’t looked back.”

In 2010, Clayton changed the company’s name to Big Mountain Internet Solutions to reflect their new business emphasis on hosting and email and stopped advertising their web design business. By 2012, Big Mountain had grown so much they became a Kerio Preferred Partner. Today, Kerio Connect hosting represents about 90% of Big Mountain’s business — up from a mere 75% in 2006. (The remaining 10% comes from web hosting, spam filtering, file storage and website maintenance.)

In February 2015, Big Mountain celebrated its 10 year anniversary and with this milestone Clayton is re-branding again — this time as Big Mountain Mail. “People have always referred to us as Big Mountain Mail because of our affiliation to Kerio Connect, so we decided to showcase the brand for which we are known for. We’ve grown and molded our business around Kerio Connect. Moving forward, I see us strengthening our relationship with Kerio and continuing to expand our Kerio Cloud services. We want to keep providing the value and service to our clients for which they’ve come to expect. To this day, I have clients who’ve been with us for more than eight years using Kerio Connect. With all the options out there, including Microsoft Office 365, that says a lot about Kerio and the excellent service we’re able to provide because of them,” says Clayton.

Being able to offer email collaboration services was key to Big Mountain’s success. “Customers want value and service, not just cheap pricing. Kerio continues to impress me, and my clients. And I am anxiously waiting for Kerio Connect’s upcoming release,” smiles Clayton. “Kerio’s never let me down.”