Kerio Operator 2.5 Improves Audio and Video Calling for Small and Mid-sized Businesses


Latest release of award-winning VoIP system helps small and mid-sized businesses communicate smarter.

Johannesburg, September 22, 2016 – Today Kerio Technologies released Kerio Operator 2.5, enhancing its VoIP business phone solution for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) with a new softphone application, improved call quality and integration with MyKerio, the company’s cloud-based web management tool that allows users to remotely monitor and configure their Kerio instances.

“Kerio operator provides the latest VOIP technologies, giving businesses the edge in communication tools, with high quality video and voice calls, as well as conference calls,” said Henk Olivier, Managing Director of Ozone Information Technology Solutions. “It provides users with the ability to make high quality calls thanks to the new Kerio Operator Softphone and the integration of two new codecs.”

The new Kerio Operator Softphone for Windows, Mac and Linux, enables users to initiate face-to-face video calls, listen to and manage voicemail messages, forward calls and more regardless of their location, using only their computer.

Support has been added for the highly flexible Opus audio codec that adapts to the bandwidth available, and the VP8 video codec, enabling both office and remote workers to enjoy high quality conversations.

“Kerio Operator assists SMBs to communicate smarter, faster and more cost effectively” said Henk, the goal with Kerio Operator is to unify and simplify the process of business communication and collaboration, whether through email, messaging, voice or video”.

With its integration to MyKerio, the cloud-based web management tool, Kerio Operator 2.5 simplifies administration and management of multiple phone systems. MyKerio provides consolidated system information, monitoring, notifications and more.

The new release also adds auto-provisioning support for Ubiquiti UniFi phones, and extends the number of Grandstream and Snom models supported.

Kerio Operator is available as a Cloud-based voice service, hardware, software or virtual appliance. Kerio Operator 2.5 is available for download immediately with a free 30-day trial (including technical support).

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