New Kerio Connect Android App Available Now

Kerio Connect Sync app for Android devices

The Kerio Connect Sync tool synchronizes users’ calendars, contacts, tasks, and public folders. Available for free in Google Play, Kerio Connect Sync ensures that users have immediate and always up-to-date access to their accounts on Android devices.

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Support for the Mail and Calendar apps on Microsoft Windows 10

Users can synchronize their Kerio Connect accounts with the Mail and Calendar apps on Microsoft Windows via Exchange ActiveSync.

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New in Kerio Connect 8.5

Kerio Connect Client calendars

Agenda view has been added to Kerio Connect Client calendars. Users can also set the time required to travel to an event location so that they can be notified before they need to leave. All calendar views can also now be printed.

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Pinning Kerio Connect Client to the Windows taskbar

With Internet Explorer 9 or later, you can pin the Kerio Connect Client tab to the taskbar for immediate access.

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Improved filters in Kerio Connect Client

Filtering rules in Kerio Connect Client have been redesigned to provide a better experience. Users can now use the Sieve language to create rules.

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Improved security

Several important security improvements have been incorporated in this version of Kerio Connect. OpenSSL library has been updated to version 1.0.1m. Server self-signed SSL certificates and certificate signing requests generated by the server are now signed with SHA-256 signature to comply with the enhanced SSL certificate security validation in some Internet browsers.

Configuring SSL/TLS

You can now manually change various SSL/TLS settings in the configuration file in Kerio Connect. Also, the SSLv3 protocol is now disabled by default.

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Personalizing the Kerio Connect Client login page

Administrators can now create a custom login page for Kerio Connect Client by adding graphics and text, and changing colors. For each domain, admins can also set up a new logo for the Kerio Connect Client interface.

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Support for Exchange ActiveSync 14.1

Kerio Connect now supports Exchange ActiveSync version 14.1. Users can synchronize their notes, use the free/busy setting when creating events, and see the reply/forward flags in their messages.

Exchange ActiveSync account in Outlook 2013

Kerio Connect now supports the Exchange ActiveSync accounts in Outlook 2013. However, there are many limitations to its usage.

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Kerio Connect Multi-Server

Kerio Connect Multi-Server has been updated with more features. You can now upgrade from earlier versions of Kerio Connect, users can share folders across all servers, the Zabbix monitoring server role has been added, servers can now share the SpamAssassin database, and much more.

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Changes in System Requirements

Added support

  • Microsoft Windows 10 Mail and Calendar (Kerio Connect 8.5.2 and newer)
  • Edge browser on Microsoft Windows 10 (Kerio Connect 8.5.2 and newer)
  • Microsoft Office for Mac 2016 (Kerio Connect 8.5.2 and newer)
  • iOS 8.3 and 8.4
  • Microsoft Outlook 2013 Exchange ActiveSync accounts
  • Debian 8 64-bit
  • Exchange ActiveSync 14.1

Discontinued support

  • Microsoft Entourage 2004 and 2008

For more details, read Kerio Connect technical specifications.


When upgrading to Kerio Connect 8.5, users must re-create their mobile device accounts to benefit from the Exchange ActiveSync 14.1.

When upgrading from Kerio Connect 8.4.0 and later, Sophos Live Protection is enabled by default. When upgrading from any older version, administrators must enable this feature manually.

Release history

The Kerio Connect release history with a full list of changes is available at


To discuss the new features visit the Kerio Connect forum:

To give feedback for the new features, see Providing feedback for Kerio products.

Open Source Software Notice

Kerio Connect includes open source software. The complete open source code packages of these components are available in Kerio Software Archive at

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