New release of network security solution introduces zero-touch provisioning, shared definitions and extends two-step verification to MyKerio.


Kerio Technologies has released Kerio Control 9.0, making it easier than ever to deploy network security hardware appliances with zero-touch provisioning, and simplifying management of multiple appliances with the ability to share common definitions. The new release also extends two-step verification to MyKerio, strengthening the security of the cloud-based centralized web management console.

Henk Olivier, MD of Ozone Information Technology Solutions states: “Zero-touch provisioning continues to help small and mid-sized businesses get the protection they need. Business owners simply plug in their new security appliance, call their network administrator with the serial and license numbers, and the administrator remotely completes the configuration using the MyKerio web console.”

Kerio Control’s introduction of shared definitions saves time and aids the deployment of network security. IT administrators can now create new sets of definitions such as URL groups, IP address groups and time ranges through MyKerio, which can be saved and shared across multiple appliances.

Two-step verification has also been extended to MyKerio, improving the security of the cloud-based centralized web interface, enabling IT administrators to set up a time-based six-digit code as a secondary form of authentication. Business owners get the reassurance that network security is maintained, even in the unlikely event that passwords land in the wrong hands.

Kerio Control 9.0 is available for immediate download. Kerio Control Box hardware appliances start at R9 500.00 Kerio Control server software licenses start at R4 500.00 Visit for more information.