Thank You

Dear Partner,

A big thank you for attending our first annual Kerio convention here in Johannesburg.

We sincerely appreciate your presence and truly believe that reselling Kerio can result in a phenomenal growth in your business.  From a business point of view, as Kerio is annually renewable and offers Cloud hosting, this ensures an annuity income.  From a technical side, the installations and support is minimal and far more user friendly than our competitors.  Thus, an all-round winner.

Just a quick recap, we spoke about the Kerio Connect (Mail solutions) and Operator (VOIP) offering as well as Control (Security) and Samepage (online Collaboration).  Please click on the Datasheets below to access all these offerings for your ease of reference.

Please communicate with us on your requirements, concerns, technical queries as well as growth opportunities.  Remember that we have an entire marketing division ready to assist you with online marketing and website collateral.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming webinar invitations:

The next webinar to be held on the 21st of October covering Kerio Control Statistics and Reporting. 

Register at for the training. 

May you be ever so successful and may our collaboration lead to a mutual beneficial relationship.

The Ozone Team

kerio-connect-datasheet Kerio-Control-Box-Datasheet Kerio-Control-Datasheet Kerio-Operator-Datasheet Samepage One Pager (2)